Game Setup and Rotations
- The ball is tossed over a volleyball net. Heights may be adjusted per division.
- Div. I & II fields four players are on the court at once. The 5th player will rotate in with each point. 2 pd. ball.
- Div. III fields three players on the court, uses a 4 pd. ball and follows adult women's rules.
- Players take turns serving with each point.
- Good sportsmanship is required.  Points in question should be played over.
- The same team serves for an entire game. The other team serves the second game.
- Teams switch sides for the third game.
- Serving will be done from the center line.
- If a Div. I or Div. II server cannot clear the net on their first attempt, they are allowed one 'mulligan' serve without penalty and may move closer to the net. If the second attempt does not clear the net, the point is lost and the serve is rotated.
- If the ball lands on a sideline, it is considered 'in'. The center line is considered to be in the front court.
Passing and Catching
- Div. I and Div. II players are allowed one pass before returning the ball to the opponent.
- Div. III players may pass the ball if caught in the back court and passed to the front court.
- Div. III players must return the ball to the back court if caught in the front court.  No spiking.
- Players are allowed one step before passing.
- A player who catches the ball out-of-bounds, or is carried out-of-bounds by the force of the ball, may return to the nearest inbounds line before returning the ball to the opponent.

- Teams consist of 4-5 players and may be co-ed, all girls, or all boys.
- Due to time constraints, each tournament round will last 15 minutes. The team with the most wins or points at the end of regulation will win the round.
- This is a double elimination tournament. Best 2 out of 3 wins the round. For divisions with fewer teams, best 3 of 5 may become an option.

- Scoring is like tennis:
     - Love – 15 – 30 – 40 (deuce, ad-in, ad-out) game
     - Teams play best-of-three games
- Points are scored when a team:
     - Fails to catch the return
     - Fails to return the ball across the net
     - Returns the ball out of bounds
     - Fails to return the ball to the proper court area (Div III. only)
- A ball that hits the net on the way over is a live ball.