Trustee Meeting Agenda

Trustee Meeting Agenda

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Friday, Nov. 16, 2018
9:30am (CST)
McDowell Reading Room
Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, West Branch, IA

The Hoover Presidential Foundation promotes and supports the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum, National Historic Site, and programs that relate to and enhance the understanding of Herbert Hoover as president and humanitarian.

By raising sufficient funds, The Hoover Presidential Foundation will support the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum and National Historic Site as they strengthen their internationally-recognized brand.

Note: We will meet in the Figge Auditorium first for a presentation by Brian “Fox” Ellis as Herbert Hoover

I. Welcome: David Dierks, President
   a.    Introduction of Brian “Fox” Ellis as Herbert Hoover
   b.    Linda Wastyn, Wastyn & Associates (TBD)
   c.    Jeremiah Terhark, CEO WebSpecDesign, Urbandale (Nominated Trustee)

II. Consent Agenda:
    A. Secretary’s Report
: Betsy Corridan (Minutes of  8-3-2018 Board of Trustees Meeting)
    B. Treasurer’s Report: Ann B. Doyle
         a. Financial Committee Minutes and Report
         b. June 2018 Financial Report
         c. July 2018 Financial Report
         d. August 2018 Financial Report
         e. September 2018 Financial Report
    C. Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
         a. September 28, 2018 Minutes
    D. Standing Committee Reports
         1. Investment Committee Minutes & Report (October 25, 2018)
             a. Morgan Stanley September 2018 Statement, Report from Morgan Stanley 801 Group
             b. Morgan Stanley Presentation- October 25, 2018
        (No Reports from Committee on Trustees, Facilities, Travel Grant/ School Bus Grant Committee)

   E. Hoover Campus Reports
       1. Herbert Hoover National Historic Site – Peter Swisher, Superintendent   
       2. Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum – Thomas Schwartz, Director
       3. Hoover Presidential Foundation -- Jerry Fleagle, President & CEO

(Consent Agenda can be moved and approved en block, or items removed for further discussion at any Trustee’s request) (Motion Required)

III. Development- Mundi McCarty, Director of Development  (Follow along with Mundi's powerpoint)
       a. Contributions Update
       b. Development Committee Update
       c. Outreach Events
       d. Hoover Content Folders
       e. Annual Fund Update
       f. Grant Program Update

IV. Update on Strategic Plan- Linda Wastyn
     a. Update on Initiative #1 Betsy Corridan (Motions May be Requested on Bylaws Changes)
     b. Update on Initiative #2 (Fundraising) –Mundi McCarty (covered under agenda item VII)
     c. Update on Initiative #3 (Marketing Plan)

V. Audit Committee- Stephen Wolken, Chair
     a. Committee Minutes and Report, August 15, 2018
     b. Committee Recommendation for Amended Audit Committee Charter (Motion Required)

VI. Uncommon Student Award Committee- Jeanita McNulty, Chair
    a. Committee Report & Recommendation, Nov. 12, 2018

VII.  President & CEO Update- Jerry Fleagle
       a. NARA Meeting, Sept. 26, 2018 Update
       b. Hoover’s Hometown Days Update
       c. Potential Property Acquistion Update
       d. Communications Update
       e. Budget for FY 2019- Update (Previously approved by Finance & Executive Committee)Budget Notes FY 2019
       f.  September 2018 Membership Report
      g.  Membership Roster (as of 11-1-18)
      h.  2019 Texas Presidential Library Trip Update
       i.  2019 Board and Committee Dates

VIII. Board Chairman’s Time- David Dierks
       a. Banquet Update
       b. Trustee Involvement
       c. Committee Changes- Request back to David Dierks by Dec. 1, 2018
       d. Other Issues

IX. Old Business

X. New Business

XI. Adjourn

2019 Committee Schedule
Future Board Meeting Dates- 2019
Spring Board Meeting TBD