Annual Meeting

Trustee Annual Meeting Agenda


Dear Trustees,

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November 16, 2018
(12:00 PM CST or immediately following the 9:30 AM Quarterly Trustee Meeting)
Hoover Presidential Library-Museum Edgar McDowell Reading Room
West Branch, IA
I.     Welcome:  David Dierks, Board Chair
II.    Minutes from Nov. 2, 2017 annual meeting
III.   Committee on Trustees Report- Barry Butler, Chair
             a. Resolutions A, B, and C
             b. Trustee Ballot

IV.   Acceptance of Resolution “A” for Re-Election of Members to a Three Year Term (January 1, 2019-December 31, 2021:  Committee on Trustees
       a. H. Eugene Anderson
       b. Charles Becker
       c. P. Barry Butler
       d. Willis Bywater
       e, Helen Colony
       f. Mary Bywater Cross
       g. Leslie Hoover-Lauble
       h. Jennifer Marsh
       i. Gerald Meis
       j. Karen Suchomel
       k. Stephen Wolken

This will require a vote
V.    Acceptance of Resolution “B” for Election of New Members:  Committee on Trustees
       a. Election of Rodney Lehnertz and Jeremiah Terhark
This will require a vote
VI.   Acceptance of Resolution “C” for Election of Officers for 2019: Committee on Trustees
       a. David Dierks- President (second year term of 2 terms limit)
       b. Gene Anderson- First Vice President (second year term of 2 terms limit)
       c. Barry Butler- Second Vice President (second year term of 2 terms limit)
       d. Betsy Corridan- Secretary (annually, no term limits)
       e. Ann Doyle- Treasurer (annually, no term limits)
(Elected 2019 Trustees take office January 1, 2019)  

This will require a vote
VII.   Trustee Emeritus- (from HPF Bylaws):  Trustee Emeritus.  The nonvoting category of “Trustee Emeritus” is established to recognize those Trustees wishing to withdraw from active service as a Trustee, while maintaining a relationship with the Foundation.  The Committee on Trustees is authorized to extend an invitation to those Trustees who have been unable to actively participate in the affairs of the Foundation, to assume the status of Trustee Emeritus.  A Trustee Emeritus shall have no right to vote. (None have been nominated)

VIII.  Review, approve and ratify actions of the Executive Committee for the preceding year.  (Executive Committee meeting minutes have been provided in quarterly board packets)

IX.    Executive Committee- (from HPF Bylaws) 8.03    The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past President of the Corporation as well as one representative of the Hoover family as determined by the President upon recommendation of the family.

X.     Establish and Appoint Committees (from HPF Bylaws) -Create ad hoc committee or committees and appoint from its membership persons to serve as members thereof and to perform such duties as the Board may determine.  In lieu thereof, the Board may authorize the President to create such committee or committees, as the President may deem necessary and appoint members to serve thereon.  The President of the Corporation shall be an ex-officio member of any duly constituted committee.  The President shall appoint a Chairperson of each committee subject to approval of the Board of Trustees.

XI.     Old Business

XII.     New Business

XIII.    Adjourn
Mission Statement:
The Hoover Presidential Foundation promotes and supports the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum, National Historic Site, and programs that relate to and enhance the understanding of Herbert Hoover as president and humanitarian.