Grave Site Wreath Laying Ceremony

A grave site and wreath laying ceremony to commemorate President Hoover's passing 55 years ago will be held Friday, Oct. 25 at Hoover's grave site in the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site at noon.

In recognition of the Foundation's 80th year of service, the Hoover Presidential Foundation is holding a canned food drive during the gravesite ceremony. Every person who brings at least ONE CAN OF FOOD to the program will get a certificate for $2.00 at Main Street Sweets! That’s enough for a free ice cream cone or another treat of their choice!

The program will last about 45 minutes and features several speakers, including keynote speaker Allan Hoover III. Children from local schools are invited to attend. There is no cost to attend.

Some seating is provided and bag chairs or blankets are encouraged.