American Individualism by Herbert Hoover

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More than half a century ago, people everywhere were trying to recover from the devastating effects of World War I. Using his combined talents of engineering and management, Herbert Hoover organized a gigantic program for feeding the starving peoples of Europe. Returning to America, he put down on paper the spiritual, economic and political characteristics which enabled Americans to produce the materials needed to bring peace to the world and at the same time to discharge the social and spiritual commitment to give economic assistance to the people ravaged by war.

The result of his research was published in 1922 (Doubleday - Page) in a book entitled, "American Individualism." The Trustees of the Hoover Presidential Foundation have reprinted this book with the hope that today's students and their parents will read it and perhaps gain an insight into a truly American Individualist--Herbert C. Hoover--who became the 31st President of the United States.

American Individualism: Herbert Hoover’s American Social Philosophy

Remarks by Margaret Hoover

Presented to Hoover Presidential Foundation, Aug. 4, 2002.
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